CSR Activities

Company’s Social Responsibility

Our company has adopted a village named Puliyuran, it is located at Virudhunagar district, Aruppukkottai taluk, Tamilnadu. Our Company aim is to grow up the village and the people. We conducted many activities in schools in the village to advance the skill of the individual, future progress and to determine the person and response in the behavior internally and externally.

We have planned thousands of plants across the village to make greener society. We have cleaned the canals of the village for the proper flow of water. We have equipped Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant that runs throughout the day for the drinking water in the village.

We have constructed and repaired the road that connects the city. We also adopt students by taking care of their studies who scores more than the average result. Employment of the individuals who are overcoming in the knowledge and in studies are selected for the job in internal and external work of the company. People of the village are ecstatic over the adoption of their village.ecopayz casino.